Using a cache system could improve significantly your web applications’ performances and allow users to access data also when they’re offline.

Most common use-cases are:

  • Cache the response of a predictable API call
  • Cache the result of a local operation that takes several seconds/minutes to complete
  • Cache data that could be used offline

Save temporary data may seem an easy task, but often developers underestimate the complexity of a well-structured cache system, forgetting to plan details and to asking themselves:

If you’re using MacOs High Sierra (v10.13.1, maybe also other versions) you’re probably exposed to a very dangerous security vulnerabily which allows anyone, with a physical access to your machine, to login as the root user. This bug was discovered today by Lemi Orhan Ergin, a developer that promptly contacted Apple Support to ask about this issue.

Who is vulnerable?

Everyone who haven’t disabled the guest user account and didn’t change the default root password in MacOs High Sierra.

How can i test this issue on my Mac?

Just try to login to your Mac using root as username and leave the password field blank. If you’re (un)lucky, you’ll can login to…

How many times did you lose your connection during internet surfing? And how many times did it happen on Chrome/Chromium browsers? We all know what to do in this kind of situations… just press Spacebar to start a prehistoric adventure!

(image from

Yesterday, during this umpteenth frustrating experience, i was wondering how to play this game in a different way, so i asked myself: “is there a way to change these graphics with something different?”. …

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Full stack developer — CEO @ LuckySeven. In love with technology, my mission is to learn something new every day!

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